“I cannot say enough good things about Kelly! She is highly skilled in all aspects of her trade, and is such a positive person to be around. She truly cares about each patient and takes the necessary time needed to help improve each patient’s overall well being. I highly recommend Kelly to anyone wanting to look better and feel better inside and out!”

– Christine Ballard

My name is Kathy Sherman and I am a licensed esthetician. As you can imagine, in my profession I have contact with many providers in the field. I am always looking for individuals like myself who not only believe in making our customers look and feel better but are up front and honest with them as well. I met Kelly Thelen through mutual friend. I have become a client of hers as well. I have received Botox injections for fine lines and certain trouble spots previously in Doctor’s offices and in a spa setting before. I had an appointment with Kelly and after a thorough evaluation she determined that I could still see the benefits that I was desiring from a lower dose of the Botox injections. Immediately I knew that I had found an honest and reputable provider! She could have easily sold me the same number of units that I had been given previously and made that extra profit but she didn’t! Kelly is someone that I would recommend to any of my esthetic clients who are looking for any extra services that I am unable to provide under my care. I can’t thank Kelly enough for keeping the standard of skin care at a level that we all can be proud of.
– Thank you, Kathy Sherman

I have been going to Kelly for weight management. The best part I like, Kelly takes the time to listen to your needs. With the help of her MIC program, I am happy to say the weight is coming off!

“I had an eyebrow tint with Whitney Wolford. What a great look!
Before you could not see my eyebrows because they were too light. I love the Circadia Amandola Milk Cleanser and the Circadia Aquaporin Moisturizer that I am using. The smell is wonderful.”

“Before working with Whitney, having a facial was a luxury. Whitney’s education, knowledge and experience level showed me the necessity of having regular treatments to be proactive in anti-aging and that I will end up spending less in the long run! Her personality is soothing and caring as well so that it’s a de-stress time for me.”
– Cheryl H.