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Dear ReGeneration PC clients:

The past 6 years as the owner and nurse practitioner at ReGeneration have been an amazing journey. Unfortunately, life changes have caused me to re-evaluate my future both personally and professionally. For that reason, I have made the decision to move my practice to Gretna. I will be joining an amazing staff that focuses on hormone replacement therapy and functional medicine. I will also continue to provide aesthetic services. I would be honored to continue to provide care to all of you that I have served over the past 6 years. I will take my last patient at this location on April 26, 2019 and will resume practice in Gretna on May 1, 2019.

I will still travel to Redline Pharmacy in Hastings 2 times per month (the 2nd Wednesday and 4th Monday). Pharmacy Solutions has generously agreed to allow me to use space in their building. Therefore, I will be scheduling patients for Thursdays in Lincoln, NE. The other days I will be at Gretna Family Heath. Please feel free to call and schedule through Gretna for any of my locations. I just want to reiterate I will be providing the exact same services I have provided at ReGeneration, PC in Lincoln.

I will continue to travel to Beatrice, Kearney, Wilbur and Norfolk to provide aesthetic services. I am also able to provide aesthetic services in Hastings and at Pharmacy Solutions. I offer Botox/Filler parties; therefore, if you want to get a group of friends together for an event, I can come to you.

Gretna Family Heath
11820 Standing Stone Drive
Gretna, NE 68028

I am extremely excited to also announce that Raime Misko, APRN and another amazing nurse practitioner from Lincoln will be practicing from this location under a different entity. We will provide more details as their business develops, including updated contact information. Please feel free to continue to schedule with Raime and we will transfer that to her new schedule when it becomes available. Raime and her partner are both family practice nurse practitioners who have added training in BHRT and aesthetics and will continue to provide high quality health care to their patients. You will still be served by the same staff that you have known at ReGeneration, PC. Bert Gabel, the aesthetician, will also continue to offer her variety of services at Raime’s new office.

Please call with any questions and the staff at ReGeneration, PC will assist you in transitioning as needed.


Kelly Thelen, APRN

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